Free Art Therapy

Do you have a foster care child who lives in the Wenatchee area who would be interested in receiving free art therapy services?
If yes, please fill out the form below. *Free art therapy services will be provided for a limited amount of time. After this duration of time, the child’s insurance will be billed.

FAQs About Free Art Therapy

Art therapy offered by Fostering Solutions LLC is provided by an art therapist registered with the National Art Therapy Credentials Board, with a MA in Counseling & Art Therapy with LMHC-A & ATR-P credentials.

No art experience is necessary for you. Your art therapist is highly trained in visual art as well as psychology, and they will guide you in the process of creating art using specific types of materials. All you need is a willingness to experiment and explore.

It depends on your interests as well as the therapeutic benefits of certain types of art for your situation. Art therapy can include a wide range of art materials and processes. Your sessions could potentially include activities such as working with clay, painting, making a mask, creating a visual journal, and assembling a collage. Most often, the focus will be on the process rather than creating a finished art product.

Your artwork is your creation and always belongs to you. Some people choose to keep the finished artwork, while others may decide to leave it in the care of the art therapist.

Your art therapist will not show your artwork to anyone without your permission. The code of ethics followed by art therapists specifies that an art therapist must safeguard a client’s art creations the same way he/she would protect any other privileged information.

Art materials have inherent healing qualities, but some are more appropriate for certain types of situations. For example, there is a therapeutic difference between using colored pencils, which are very dry and controlled, as opposed to watercolor paint, which is extremely wet and difficult to control. Your art therapist has specialized training in assessing which materials to suggest based on the issues you are facing, your frame of mind during the session, and other factors.

Art therapists can use a variety of approaches, just as counselors or psychotherapists may utilize different approaches. It is not customary for a therapist to interpret your art. In a humanistic or transpersonal approach to art therapy, the focus will be on the personal meaning that you find within your own creative work, rather than an arbitrary meaning imposed by the therapist. You are the expert on your own artwork and creative process, and the art therapist’s role is to facilitate explorations of your work rather than to analyze or interpret it.
Fostering Solutions LLC Art Therapy does accept insurance. Please reach out for more information regarding your specific coverage and situation. It should also be noted that art therapy is provided to youth in foster care free of charge even without insurance / if their insurance provider is not accepted.
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